Processed my first Cornish rock cross


May 26, 2019
E1710328-B087-4D7C-9204-1060BF1AFBC2.jpeg 0DFEFAE1-5184-4D5B-A369-957F194EACA6.jpeg B42C4968-B3F9-4BF2-A395-B5659947B9F0.jpeg Well my 4 week old pullet tried to get out of the chicken sling and so I chose to process her before the leg problem got worse from her struggling to get free.

I read up on several ways to “do the deed” and decided on manual cervical dislocation with using a knife to sever the brain through the beak. Then I cut the jugulars. I had help from my neighbor and everything went very fast.

During the final thrashing (post jugulars being cut) the knee that was injured, totally dislocated. I couldn’t hang her from both feet for fear of the foot coming off.
Dressed weight: 2 lb 10.5 oz. not a bad weight for the age of the bird!

I will use this combination of maneuvers when the remaining meaties are ready to process in another 4 weeks.

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