Processing equipment for quail and small batches of chickens


10 Years
Sep 26, 2009
Bay Minette
I used to raise and process quail for restaurants, grocery stores and individuals. The equipment will also clean and package chickens.

Processing Equipment
The Picker, Scalder, Killing Rack and Table are from Ashley Machine Co.

SP 23 Picker Picks 24 Quail at one time 220V

SS 30 LP gas Scalder I would scald 24 at a time but it can do alot more than that at one time

Killing Rack plus 24 Killing cones

4 Man cleaning table with water hookup

These are from Vac Air
VA 1 Suction gun with 40 Gallon collection tank
The motor for the suction gun is 3 Phase but I have a converter for it and that is included. With the converter it turns your regular power into 3 Phase. Air compressor is also needed to operate the Suction gun.

BAK-S Air scissor runs off a air compressor

Tumbler (Vacuum marinator) is from Nu-Vu Food Service Systems
VT-4 Vacuum Tumbler Floor model 60lbs Capacity

Vacuum Sealer is from Process Plus
KVP-420 Floor model
Have extra Bags and Trays

Have the manuals and some extra parts for the equipment.
Can't ship, must pick up. I have a tractor to load the equipment on your trailer.
If your interested, I have pictures.
$8,000 For all the processing equipment

I live in Bay Minette, Alabama 36507
[email protected]

Thank you,

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