Product that may be helpful for those chickens with Wry neck

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Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida
I came across this product in my Jeffers catalog when looking for Vitamin E supplements. It is an all natural Vitamin E/Selenium gel for goats by Kaeco and is pretty cheap at $9 for 80 mL or $6 for the 30 mL. It comes in a tube like horse wormers and is an orange gel. Vitamin E 500IU, Selenium 2.5 ppm (per 5 ML) Newborn goats get 2 ml, adult 4 ml , but for my chickens I use about a pencil eraser or green pea size dab in the mouth for adults, just a tiny amount for chicks. I found it easy to use and works well, except when trying to first start the tube, it squirts out very easy......
Hope this may help someone -

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