Production reds - male or female


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May 2, 2017
I got two production reds. Both supposed to be pullets. I'm. It positive though. One is starting to make me think cockerel.

McChicken is the one close up and I still think pullet

McNugget is the full body and the one I'm afraid is a cockerel


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How old are they? Production reds mature and begin to lay eggs quickly so it may just be your girl is beginning to develop. Her comb doesn't look unusually large for a girl who's just starting to mature.
Production breeds can start laying at 4 months old (just did a bit of quick research) so you might be half way to having some eggs. I'm pretty sure a future roo would have quite a comb and much bigger wattles at 8 weeks.
Yeah! I hope so! I'm not allowed roosters and I'm already trying to keep my polish roo on the sly. I wasn't sure what the heck I was gonna do with two!

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