Progression of our Chicken Barn (update 4/20 with chicks in the coop)


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Apr 14, 2014
We're in the process of building a house for us on 11 acres in a nearby town, but the chickens will be the first to move there since we're anxious to get them situated!

Started with a concrete slab, measuring 12'x6' (the stump will be in the chicken run):

This was the start of framing this afternoon (including a couple "chicks" in the doorway):

My oldest son (8 y/o) and husband are working on it now, so I'm hoping to get some pics later with a roof! Very exciting stuff. It will also have an enclosed chicken run that will be approximately 50'x15'

Latest pic sent from the husband:

Update 4/15

And inside:

More from 4/17
Insulated and pine walls up, with electrical ready:

Metal roofing going on:

Update 4/20

Chicks moved in on Friday since the inside is finished!! We still need to side it, paint it and do some odds and ends, but it's done enough for the time being.

After the pic was taken we added a large waterer and hanged the feeder from the ceiling. There's ventilation along the eaves and along the peak in the roofline, so it's well ventilated.
The shelf at the back will be enclosed with a door to eventually raise chicks.

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Hi Dano, I'm stalking you
That makes me feel special. :D
Chicks will be moving in today, so I'll have more pics to add over the weekend. :)

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