project involving volume and vocalization can you help?

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    Dec 5, 2012
    as many know animals in general can be genetically manipulated in hundreds of ways even if we dont try for it the change might be a little perk per say.

    i am considering engaging in a long term project and wanted your opinions on what breeds of chickens produce roosters with lower volume crows not the amount of vocalization but the sound itself as vocalizations are greatly effected by temperament making a more "talkative" animal.

    i will include a video of several separate vocalizations from different breeds and ask that you tell me which breed you think produces the lowest volume vocalization if you know of some other breeds with low volume vocalizations let me know..

    my end goal is/would be a med sized chicken thats roosters produce little to no noise of any substantial volume meaning essentially that though the breed would rarely crow when they did it would be a barely existent sound. i would want this bird to provide med sized eggs fairly regularly all year long as a reliable layer 3-4 times a week is our goal. color goals are simply never solid white nor should there be substantial amount of white on the bird further than mild mottling. they should posses 4 toes only and legs , neither long nor short, may be either black or blue only. Comb is pea and should be red, mulberry or black. Feet are feathered but is not required that feathers reach middle toe though it is desired. tail feathers should be long and substantial with apparent fullness. Muff's should be present under each eye beard is not required but is allowable. Bird should bare confinement well, have a dog like disposition wanting to be near the person that tends them , relatively calm and very docile with little to no vocalizations a bird with high volume does not fit these criteria and should be culled.bird should have ample body to cover eggs and should not be excessively broody nor completely non maternal. perfect breed for areas with noise ordinances that still allow for chickens i have a video of some breeds audio signatures just a general vocalization and volume i have noted common with each breed if you know of some other breeds that you have noted a lower volume in their crowing let me know ty i am not saying these breeds are ALL low volume these are just some ranges i have noted to give some of you an idea of the differences.

    if that fails to work

    what breeds would you recommend and why?

    comb genetics:
    Rose comb is dominant over single comb. rosecomb = RRpp, Rrpp
    pea comb is incompletely dominant over single comb. pea = rrPP, rrPp
    single comb is incompletely dominant over v comb. single = rrpp
    Rose comb and pea comb combine to make a walnut comb, walnut = RRPP, RrPP, RrPp

    feet feather genetics:

    i have the room to attempt this project and i plan on culls being made into supper.
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    May 2, 2010
    Wow. I say move to the country, and let the roos rip!

    "A roo, is a roo, is a roo
    Cock-a-doodle-doo is the best thing they do!" ~ (Me-12/5/12)

    Sorry, I love to hear my roos' crows, but those in the city areas do not because of ordinances. Good luck with your project, I hope someone can truely help you.
  3. SilentRoost

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    Dec 5, 2012

    so do i, i actually live in the country but i know alot of people that don't that do want roosters and other birds but they cannot have them because of the volume of noise the roosters and occasionally hens produce so i think this would be a good idea for a bird that can lay well and can be kept in the suburbs or cities that allow them in small to med sized coops i think we have proven that the volume and length of a crow can be altered by breeding by accident as a "lucky perk" so why not try altering it so that it is a softer crow and not so loud?

    would love to hear some ideas... or how you think i could alter the outline of my desired standard there?
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