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Aug 13, 2017
Alberta, Canada
So I've really never put much effort into breeding before. The flock has always been everyone together and whoever goes broody gets to hatch a handful of eggs. I've gotten some neat looking mutts this way. Last year I was a bit more controlling and separated my Cochins and only let the majority of eggs hatch be Cochin eggs (Since I love my Cochins :love) I haven't adventured past the breeding of BBS Cochins though, that's an easy formula and my poor, colour genetics deprived mind can manage it.

Well I was bit by the Silkie bug too. That's a very hard bug to avoid. But even more, I managed to get my grasping fingers on some Showgirls. Ahhhhhhhhh. And it's spring so it's like... chick fever :oops:

Anyway, because the genetics of white colour hurts my brain, I've given up and think I'll mainly focus on BBS silkies and showgirls. Seems easy enough for me and I love a good Splash so why not. The downfall of this being... The two Showgirls I currently have are neither blue, black nor splash :lau

Meet the team.



The Partridge pullet is currently in with a Paint Silkie. I'm kind of interested in that cross as, if I'm understanding that correct, some of the chicks are going to have dominant white which means they could be paint as well. Or Partridge might beat out the dominant white in a smack down and have red bleed through a lot. Time will teach me.

The white cockerel currently has his pick of the Silkie hens. A couple of blues, a white and a black. I'm going to further split this group down and give my black Silkie roo a couple of the ladies - probably the two blues to start off the BBS. We will see how these turn out!

I have some NN chicks on order for when it's warmer to add to the game next year. They may get to play around with the Sizzle roo's I have in the bachelor pen. I find the Sizzles interesting but I don't have a lot of pen's/space so I'm not sure if I want to focus on that cross, might just stay on Showgirls and Silkies.

Just thought I'd make this thread and try hard to remember it and come back and update when I start hatching the eggs. Currently just at the collecting stage.


Jul 9, 2018
IDK Why I cant see your Images. Your story sounds alot like mine. Bantam Cochin girl at heart but also want some showgirls. Thats what Im doing I have a very promising Frizzle Partirige roo chick/juvenile and hatching non related BBS showgirls. I thought about breeding next spring and wondered what Id get from the partrige to BBS or If I should just get an unrelated BBS and stick to that? ( whats your cochin of choice? Lol I LOVE the calico/millies thats what my flock is made up of now besides the 1 silkie and showgirls will hatch next weekend) Do you know what a Part x BBS will get me? I wish there was a "Silkie Genetics for Dummies" and a "Cochin genetics for dummies" Id LOVE THEM! Someone should write a few books make BIIIIILLLLLIONS! Hahahaha. (Can you upload or send me the pictures you posted? Im SUPER new to the chicken world, and trying to learn as much as possible before I dive in next spring) also dont really know how to work this site yet.....

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