Prolapse, 2 hens in less than week! What is going on?


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Mar 10, 2009
I am a new member to this board, although I have frequented this site for information in my new chicken ownership. My (first) flock of 25 is 8 months old, all Buff Orpington hens, With one Buff and one Golden Laced Wyandotte rooster.

5 days ago, I found one of my hens with a bloody rear. It appeared to be prolapse that had been pecked by the others, so her vent area had been damaged due to the pecking. It is healing, I have her seperate. I am hoping for her to heal the rest of the way, she is really a sweet hen.

Last night, another one. This one had not been pecked too bad, she is now seperated, she is not so sweet, very fiesty.

What is the deal?

the last 3 bags of feed have been Nutrena 16%layer, before that for the whole winter they were getting a specially formulated Nutrena 20%Layer feed, (Alaska) I have also been feeding them scratch, Nutrena, or just cracked corn. They have access to oyster shell and grit as well. And occasional hay pellet mash for a green treat.

Has it been too much? What is the standard to determine if they are too fat, this is my first Flock. I can not find any info on how to tell if they are too fat.

Also, how long do you give them to heal from a prolapse. Should I even be trying?

Thanks in advance for your help, this is an awesome board, full of info!
fat hens are prone to prolapse, feel their keel, if you can't feel the bone/ bulging meat either sides.... you're feeding them too much.

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