Prolapse girl, is she healed or not???

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9 Years
May 12, 2010
Central MA
I have a girl who had prolapsed vent a few weeks ago.
I got a lot of help from BYC people (THANKS!!!) and she went back outside again.
(Here is the link for previous episode )

Today my daughter went to outside to close coop and found same girl Sushi was in the coop, blood was coming out from her butt.
I took her back inside house to watch out for her.
She was struggling laying egg.... She started pushing and took 40 mins or so to lay. It wasn't big egg, it was small and can't tell which side is top or bottom kinda shape egg.
I saw she was bleeding and big dark red intestines was out. So I thought she got prolapsed vent.
I was getting ready to give her warm bath but while I was doing that, the stuff went back inside, no prolapse.

That means she is healed???? She can go back outside again???
Or I should keep her inside for while????
I can't imagine how excruciatingly painful that must be, especially for a hen that will lay an egg nearly every day. If I had a hen that was prolapsing, I would euthanize her.
Even the stuff went back it own, still I should euthanize her?? She is such a sweet little girl and I don't want to...

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