Prolapse???? Help Please.

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    Aug 20, 2013
    My 6 month old Silkie seems to have a prolapse. She has not started laying yet. We soaked her for 20 mins in warm epsom bath. Just applied honey and can see her contracting. Is there an egg in there?

    I contacted her breeder and she suggested cutting the sac and removing the egg (if there is one) then applying ointment and preparation H.

    I have not seen one suggestion of cutting and trying to remove anything on here. Would an egg do this?

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    It would be easy enough to insert a rubber gloved and lubricated finger an inch or so into the vent and feel for a stuck egg. While doing this, feel her abdomen for anything inside. If there is an egg, put her in a warm bath for 30 minutes, and give her 1/2 a crushed Tums, or 1/4 a crushed calcium tablet. Ground egg shell works also--give this in some yogurt or wet feed. Calcium will help to release the egg. If there is no egg, it can happen, so just watch her after she has a bowel movement since it can recur.

    Do not break the egg sac to get the egg out.
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    Do you have a photograph of the prolapse.....? Are her insides protruding from her backside?

    A prolapse would require her to be isolated, in a darkened area... by all means, as suggested give her a warm bath and give her vitamins as described above.

    Honey has antibacterial properties and is good to apply to her backside.....

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