Prolapse Vent Healing Time(Rooster?)


10 Years
Aug 12, 2009
I have a 1 yo EE that had a prolapsed vent.I noticed the vent on Wed. 5-25-11. I cleaned her,pushed it in,and put prep H all over her vent. I have her inside in a cage. Her vent is brusied but everything is staying inside her.How long do I keep her in the house before I can add her to the flock. I am worried about the rooster stressing her with sex,and causing her prolapse to reoccur.
I would keep her separated till all the bruising goes away. Either that or keep her in the house for maybe two weeks or longer, put her back with the flock and remove the rooster. You could build a temporary pen for him until she is completely healed.
Thanks! I have a playpen set up in the garage.,nd will either put her or the rooster into it till she heals.

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