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Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by teamwilkins, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. teamwilkins

    teamwilkins Hatching

    Aug 8, 2009
    15 month-old hybrid layer acting normally this morning found to have a 3/4" wide by 2" long piece of thick mucousy tissue hanging out of vent. Cleaned up and isolated. Tissue appears to be attached to inside and with a small opening at 3 o'clock position that is leaking stool. Found a bloody egg on floor yest, but have another walking around upright and wont hop into nest box so thought the floor egg was hers (another story). Wormed the flock of 85 last week due to evidence of round worms. Hen is now isolated and drying from the clean-up inside. Tried to reduce the mess back up inside her, and gently pulling to assess points of attachment. No change with any of this. Suggestions? Cant figure out how to post a pic using this iPhone.

  2. dan_grow

    dan_grow Chirping

    May 21, 2010
    st. Louis
    you need to isolate her or the other hens could peck it off i was told putting honey on it and slowly pushing it back in would work but personally i would just cull it because the cure is vary vary risky. (Ive tried it once my self and had terrible results so i just culled her)
  3. tryxichicks

    tryxichicks In the Brooder

    Aug 25, 2010
    I agree, this is a nasty situation. I wish you luck, you should post on as many hen forums as possible! I don't really have any advice though, I'm sorry. I've heard preperation H helps with the swelling.

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