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    Jan 17, 2011
    Hey all I just wanted to shoot out a quick message asking anyone if they've ever had this problem and if there is any advice you could give me. One of my turkeys has prolapsed and I'd rather see if I can fix it than cull it. The only thing I've tried so far is actually pushing it back in but a few minutes later it comes back out. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and gals.
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    Aug 12, 2011
    I had that happen to one of my new chicks this year.....I don't think there is anything you can do. It popped out for a reason, something is wrong internally. Chances are you're only hurting it by pushing it back in.
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    One of our older hens had this a couple of months back. We cleaned her up as she had some poo build up on her feathers below her vent. I clipped the feathers, wiped her off, put olive oil around vent and pushed the prolapse gently back in. So far so good. She doesn't lay eggs anymore, but she looks and acts healthy so we keep her around.
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    Do a search on here for prolapse. I have seen some threads about chickens with prolapse where they have been treated and recovered. Good Luck!
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    Apr 9, 2009
    I posted this last week about my cochin that had a bad prolapse before. I am just going to paste it in here for you to read. Good luck and don't give up on your bird!!
    I had a young cochin with a very bad prolapsed oviduct when she laid an egg way too early. It was really bad and bloody, egg substance and poop all stuck to the prolapse. My husband even had to work a rubbery egg out of it. I had help from a few on here and it helped me through the night with her, the following is what I posted about her in the days after:
    The prolapse was so nasty I took the pullet to the Vet but in the meantime soaked her bottom and put KY jelly on it to lubricate it (so the tissue would not dry out) until she could be seen. The Vet gave her an oral antibiotic and a steroid/antibiotic cream I pump into her cloaca. The Vet said people can use Prep H on the birds for this problem too. I rinsed her cloaca twice a day with cool water (recommended to help shrink it) and then applied the cream. I separated her from her sibling and put her in a clean cage and made a perch in it to make her happy because she's a percher. I also brought her inside and am keeping her quiet and in dim lighting and not giving her a lot to eat (don't want her to pass another egg). So this is day 5 and I have cleaned off 95 % of this egg like substance and poop that stuck to her oviduct tissue. It's very hard to get off, that is why keeping it lubricated and clean while it's out is important. I finally got the majority of it off of her and she pulled the oviduct in. I am still going to get the last little bit of it off of her on her next wash. This crud on her made it too uncomfortable for her to pull the prolapsed oviduct back in. She still blows it out when she poops but pulls in back in, so I know she's still not out of the woods yet. I just hope this helps someone else if it happens to your birds, don't give up on them as it is fixable. I read another comment on some other website where they said once the crud builds up on their oviduct that's about it, that there is no chance of helping the bird unless you do surgery I guess like a hysterectomy , but there is because it will come off if you work at it. That was a false statement, especially with my pullet, it looked very bad at first but with time and a little effort, her oviduct is almost clean again. She just needs to heal up before she passes anything else. The cleaner I get her the better.
    This was my birds outcome and she is still laying today with no more trouble. Of course I'm not saying all cases are the same (as my bird was not laying eggs yet so she wasn't passing them every day), but my bird looked awful too. A few things I learned was the cool water rinse (covered her with a towel and did it with the sprayer at the sink), Prep H can be used, and NOT to try to hold/push the prolapse oviduct in.

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