Prolapsed vent (pecked)

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  1. 2dancingrats

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    About 3 weeks ago I discovered a hen (Isa brown) who not only had a prolapse,but I'm pretty sure it was pecked. It was a swollen, bloody mess and the hen had retreated to a corner, where she looked like she was near her end.
    Brought her inside and washed her. Put her in a large dog crate in my basement (cat thinks Santa brought him a pet). I have soaked her in warm water (she loved this treatment). Fed her yogurt and canned cat food in addition to her regular chow. Also put organic apple cider vinegar in her water. At last, the nastiness is beginning to subside. The outer edges of her vent area still look very scabby, but I can actually see some flesh where it was all black before. Her appetite has also improved. Soo, my question is this; has anyone here ever used "Bag Balm" on a chicken? I read that vaseline would be good but am wondering if the antiseptic properties of the bag balm would help her. I've only use Prep H so far, but that was for swelling and I'm hoping to heal up her injuries so the vent will close back up. Amazed she's come this far, and don't want to lose out now. Thanks so much for any reply. :)
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    Honey works well too.
  3. 2dancingrats

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    Jun 17, 2009
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    What does the honey do?
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    Mar 1, 2011
    You could try putting a mixture of olive oil and sugar on it to prevent swelling and ease the pain. Have you pushed the mass back in yet? Put Vaseline on your fingers (using sanitary gloves) and gently push it back in so it is not hanging out.
  5. 2dancingrats

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    Jun 17, 2009
    Bay City, Michigan
    Tried to push it in, but the area was severely pecked by coop-mates. The skin is scabbed and hard. Soaking, vaseline at prepH seem to be helping as her vent has mostly gone in on its own now and her appetite is improved. Poor thing is very lonely, but I'm afraid to bring another hen around her when she's in such poor shape.
    I'm wondering, generally, if you put something like honey or sugar on the vent area, wouldn't it encourage pecking by the other hens?
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    Jul 9, 2009
    She needs to be kept isolated in a darkened area - honey has healing properties, maybe try a little on her vent area, do not let any of your other chickens near her as there is the risk that they will attack her vent.... that is unless you have a chicken that is her will need to spend time with both of them if you introduce another to her whilst she is debilitated.

  7. 20130207536880

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    Jan 15, 2013
    Prolapse is caused by damage to the connective tissue that holds all of the bird's organs in place. If you find the bird alive, isolate her and keep her warm and quiet. You can attempt to put everything back in by gently turning the bird so that her head is pointing downwards and applying a little warmed liquid paraffin to the prolapsed organs. Then carefully manipulate the insides back towards the vent and if your are lucky gravity and the hen natural body rhythms will take everything back, especially if its a mild prolapse. Haemorrhoid cream may help reduce the swelling. If it is a large prolapse seek veterinary treatment and ask for antibiotics to fight any infection. If you hen recovers, she may prolapse again when she passes an egg.

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