Any, besides the ones that are easy...Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock...the ones I see that are a little more difficult to know exactly how to say it. Like is that pronounced? Brahma? Marans?

At some point i'd like to meet other BYC members, and don't want to sound like a fool, lol.

Here's how I pronounce them:

Cochin = Koh-chin
Brahma = Brah-mah
Marans = Mah-ron
Serama = Sehr-rah-mah
Brabanter = Brah-ban-ter (this one might be bray-ban-ter, not sure)
Creole = Cree-ol....

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It isn't creole, it's crele, and is pronounced as a single syllable.

Creole is indeed a word pronounced as you said, just isn't the name of a chicken variety.
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Glad you asked. I often wonder myself about how to pronounce some of the breeds' names.
Another thing that drives me nuts is when people use initials for their breed. What's with that on a forum of many levels of "chicken" experienced members. We get many NEW members every day, and they especially need consideration from all the members.
How should capon be pronounced?

As a Spanish teacher, I tend to pronounce things in Spanish and I want to say it (cah-POHN) but someone told me it should be said "CAY-pon"

In English, how should it be said?

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