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  1. i'll be ordering my 15 chicks soon. here's what i'm thinking for my brooder - i have an old dog crate, approx. 42"long x20" wide x 20" tall. i was thinking of putting a plywood bottom in it and lining the sides with some plexyglass so i can see in better (also figured the clear sides would help the chicks feel less "confined" or "boxed in") and un-attaching the wire top so i can take it on & off. does that sound like a plan? enough room for 15 chicks?
    also, the heat lamp should be on 24/7 for a constant temp., right? more question... should the waterer & feeder be close together or should i put the waterer at one end and the feeder at the other or does it matter (probably not?). thanx for any input you may have.
  2. now that i'm thinking about it, maybe i don't need the plxexiglass sides, as the brooder will be in my basement untill it gets a little warmer, then move the brooder to the coop, so there shouldnt be a "draft" issue to worry about. maybe just attach some hardware cloth or something to the sides so they can't get out? i dunno, maybe i need the sidewalls to hold the heat in? overthinking it maybe? much to think about!
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    I used a dog crate for my first batch of chicks, i put up cardboard walls to hold in the shavings. It worked really well. Good luck!!

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