Pros And cons of a Rooster

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  1. Hello everyone :frow

    Can someone tell me the Pros and The Cons of having a roo?I want one sometime.

    BTW, does anyone have a BR, EE, BA, LB or BB, Lakvelder or a RIR Cockerel, under 2 weeks old if possible in the Bangor or Newport Area in ME?

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    Pros: 1.Roosters help to protect your flock. 2.Roosters are beautiful and fun to watch strut around.

    Cons: 1.They are loud and noisy all hours of daylight. 2.Roosters are sometimes mean and aggressive especially towards children to the point of attacking. 3.They can make a beautiful hen look horrible by ripping out feathers and excessive pecking and scratching when mating. 4.They also can eat so much of your feed its not even funny.
  3. Well,there are 4 cons and 2 Pros....."LOL
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    Adding to the list!

    Pros: 3) you can hatch baby chicks if you want! 4) send up a loud alarm for you to hear if there is trouble (goes along with protection, but I took the above as being a knight in shining armor, lol)

    Cons: 5) you might get in trouble with your neighbors if you don't have a permit and/or their support of your roo
  5. I have a EXTREMLY long driveway and hardly any neighbors and I don't need a permit here, I'm out in the Nowere!LOL
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    Then your pros and cons are even! [​IMG]
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    I will always have a Roo. Here's why:

    1. A Roo will sacrifice himself for his girls. I have seen this firsthand. I heard my Too screaming one day and went outside. Henry was out in the open making a ruckus. A hawk was overhead and my girls were nowhere to be found. Finally found them silently hiding in a bush on the other side of the house. Henry was screaming And out in the open, willing to sacrifice himself so the girls could get away to safety.

    2. Roos keep the peace. When my girls argue or start to get into it, he runs between them and breaks things up.

    3. Roos feed their girls first. My Roo will pull a fat juicy worm and walk it over to the hens. One day, he stood at my back door and crowed and crowed and crowed. It drove me crazy and I ran outside to see what was going on. Rooster looked at me, crowed, then ran over to the empty feeder and crowed again. Clearly, the girls were hungry and he was alerting management.

    4. Crowing is not an issue if you have a no crow collar. It takes a bit to figure out, but once you do, it works well.

    5. Handle your Roo to let him know you are head Roo. Then, he'll give you respect and be wont be a problem.

    So...I don't see a downside to a Roo. I'm very pro-Roo. (But then, I've never had a bad one.)

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    1-Some roosters will defend/sacrifice themselves

    2-They show the girls food and water,and even where to nest

    3-Some may take care of thie chicks

    4-Some have wonderful crows,while some just have horrible crows.

    5-Some will break fights or even participate in it.

    You have a risk of getting an aggressive rooster.
    You could get a useless rooster.

    Some roosters when held or pampered can become aggressive.
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    x2. Key word is "some". Just don't put up with any repeated aggression from a roo.... no matter how well he's taking care of the hens. Roos are a dime a dozen especially if you've got fertile eggs.
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