Protecting sunflower heads from birds.


7 Years
Feb 2, 2012
Lehi Utah
Does anyone know when to havest sunflower heads? I have read to let them turn brown but if i do this then all the stupid birds will have ate all the seeds. All the petals have fallen or dried up and the back of the heads are starting to turn yellow and brown on the edges. Is there anything i can cover them with besides a paper bag since i use a sprinkler head on my garden. Would a chicken feed bag work or would this keep the head moist. The bags are polypropylene feed bags.
Usually place in protected area to complete drying/store when flower petals have shriveled and the back of the flower head is turning yellow, then cut them off with a bit of stalk on them. I put a piece of wire thru the stalk and hang them in my shed to finish drying. I think you can cut the flower heads as soon as the seeds look mature. I think the feed bags will cause rot. Likely you can just pull the heads earlier, don't have to wait til all brown.

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