Protein: 20% or 24%????


11 Years
May 15, 2008
upstate NY
I have 30 Ranger chicks, 4 weeks old. I've been giving them Dumor starter/grower, 20% protein. Apparently, so has everyone else in my corner of the world - I went 2 weeks only able to buy 20 lb bags, and they go through that in 2 days. It's more expensive per pound that way, too. BUT - every time I went to TSC, they had 50 lb bags of the starter for turkeys, quail, etc. which is 24%. Now - someone told me that 24% protein will make them grow too fast and create problems. I told them that I didn't have Cornish X, but Rangers. I don't think they knew what I was talking about.

I know some of y'all feed 20% and others feed 24%. Should I bump them up? Or leave them be? I plan to process at 12 weeks, as per JM Hatchery's suggestion. This is our first time with meaties, and I've only raised one batch of layers, so I don't know much...anyone?

BTW, they have access to a brand new run, so they sort of free range. I hope to build a hoop tractor if I can figure out how to get the 16 foot cattle panels home from Tractor Supply...but as of now, they have a nice run but not enough to provide much food for long, for 30 birds.

Thanks for any advice/suggestions!

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