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7 Years
Jul 26, 2012
I need some ideas on good protein boosts for the girls when they molt, so getting everyones ideas and suggestions would be a great way to start this and maybe help others out this fall while the hens are molting.
Beans :) I cook up dried pintos (available locally and cheap, but any sort would be good) and give them some every day. Yogurt is another favorite of our girls. I bought a small carton of active culture yogurt and used it to start and then just keep using the last little bit in the jar to make another. I use the dry milk powder so it's a bit cheaper, but gives them the active culture, protein and calcium with no fat. They love cheese too, so any you have any that's a bit old and crusty, that can go to them as well. I cut off any mold. I also give them any and all meat scraps. They go wild for meat. My next project is going to be mealworm farming...all but free protein for them :)
Now its fall. This is what I do. First I get some cheap organic yogurt add mealy worms (dry or fresh)and gamebird feed and dampen slightly. Feed this about three times a week if they are molting. Also you can give canned fish with the yogurt. You can cook up some hamburger well done or scrambled eggs with the shell all mashed up and scrambled instead of fish. They love the gamebird /show bird. It is high in protein.
The products are a bit expensive but usually in a month it really pays off in healthy hens with feathers coming in sooner for me and prettier too. Gloria Jean
My flock love yogurt also, I give them yogurt quiet a bit. Those are great ideas and mixes to use for them. I want them to be happy and healthy. I am a small time grower I have turkey and chickens 40 so far. These are not only providers of food for my family but also dear pets and friends. These birds have changed my life and brought me out of depression so I owe them alot. I want them to have everything I can give them.
They do love scrambled and hard boiled egg, I have some 3 week old chicks and they get that regularly and of course the flock outside get it too. We should all compile recipes that we make to feed to our poultry and make a cookbook for poultry.
I am even smaller than you are. I have a total of 13, inc. one roo. I spoil mine way to much. Since they are fenced in a big wooded yard, no grass left, I gave them a hugh bag of tendergreens I grew. Wow! were they happy, little flea beatles and all. i put it in two different piles so all could eat some without getting chased. Gloris jean
Ps recipe book is neat Idea. My chickens are my therapy too.
Mine get tons of treats and goodies and take turns sittin on my lap getting pet and eating goodies lol even the turkeys and gosh are they getting heavy lol
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