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    Can laying hens get too much protein, and how much is too much? My girl have been on Layena which has 16% protein. I was thinking of adding some game bird feed to the layer feed. It has 26% protein. Would that be too much?

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    Oct 2, 2008
    There has been some pretty hot debate about this. I feed my ducks game bird feed. My logic is that, if they were wild ducks, a good percentage of their diet would be protein from insects, fish and small amphibians. Even the aquatic plants ducks snack on are high in protein (like duck weed).

    The wild cousins of your chickens eat lizards, snakes, frogs, bugs, etc... along with fresh greens.

    If your goal is to feed your flock as cheaply as possible, extra protein is seen as an unnecessary expense. (This would be especially true for meat birds)

    If you want to keep your hens at optimum health and simulate their natural, evolutionary diet as closely as possible, the higher protein is your best bet. This will also prevent health problems if you expect to hold on to your birds for a long time.
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    Thank you. We've been having a pecking problem since December. I feed the girls BOS, and have tried nearly every other entertainment/feeding option to keep them from pecking eachother. I'm now thinking they need more protein, and I had a friend suggest feeding them meat. I think giving a combo of layer feed and game bird feed may help. Plus if I mix them it'll take twice as long to go through the feed. [​IMG]


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