Protruding vent and uncomfortable pooping

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    I have a just over week old silkie chick that has a protruding vent, pasty butt and makes a very high pitched cry every time it tries poops or tries to. It has no fuzz left on it's butt so the black skin is on display.

    Eating and drinking just fine, checked it's crop last night and this morning. Last night was nice and full and emptied out this morning. Washing it off with warm water, put a little vaseline on the skin to keep it from sticking.

    I've read through other threads and have tried a little Prep H and pushing back in with no changes. The other chicks are not picking at it at all so that's not a problem. I'm just at loss. Is this something it will out grow as it gets bigger? Is there anything else I should try?

    Here are pics of how it looks: [​IMG]


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    A prolapsed vent in chicks sometimes can indicated other problems internally, and some of these chicks don't live long. However, if it is caused by constipation due to dehydration or pasty butt, it might help to give a few drops of molasses in it's food, and get it to drink more water by dipping it's beak. You can also very gently dap some olive oil into the vent opening to stimulate droppings. Make sure that you brooder temperature is not too high, as that can add to dehydration. Here are a few older threads to read about this problem:

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