Proximity to chickens?

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    Mar 27, 2010
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    Hi guys! Thanx for the great advice so far but I have another question. I know pheasants and quail aren't supposed to be close to chickens because of the chance to spread diseases. Does the same go for waterfowl(mandarins, woodies, etc.)? My planned aviary will only be about 20 feet from the chicken pen and my chickens are usually let out during the day so they will probably end up over by the aviary at some point. Is this any thing I have to worry about? I couldn't really find anything using the search function. Thanx,

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    I would recommend running shade cloth or smaller wire around the bottom of the pens and up 1 foot . This would help keep the chickens from trying to steal food or drink out of their water dishes through the pen wire when they are free ranging. The shade cloth also helps keep chicken feathers from rolling in. At least that's what I do..... [​IMG]

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