Puffy quail with runny nose and lethargic.


Feb 1, 2015
So I just checked on the quails and noticed one didn't come for treats. She is puffy and sleepy and not eating anything.
I got the hospital ready while hubby got her inside. He noticed a whole bunch or liquid apparently from both nose and beak.
I tried to feel for an egg and I'm pretty sure it was just her breath bone I could feel. Gave her a warm bath (for about 1 minute - she wasn't keen for it).

Might add some cocci vet to her water.

Not sure if it is related but we got 2 darker brown eggs today (presumably from the other 2 girls).

If anyone has thoughts or suggestions I'd love to hear them!

I haven't seen any discharge. Only hubby did that once.
We have her on antibiotics now.
The vet seemed optimistic she would bounce back.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We have a lamp in for her which we often find her near. She is scratching a little and looking a little perkier so will keep it up and hope to see more improvements over the weekend.
Mrs quail has bounced right back and is back with her friends. Appetite back and looking fit again. Thanks
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