puking chick!!

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    May 24, 2010
    Nathalie, VA
    I just got new chicks today from MM, 2 hamburgs and one just died and the other is doing the same thing. The one that died was sluggish to begin with, so I immediately brought her in and started giving her sugar water. She would drink the sugar water, and kind of revived, but then it would just dribble back out of her beak. She was trying to drink a lot, almost nonstop (i was using an old spoon with spots on it, they peck at it and then figure out the drinking part), and then she started kind of standing there and then clear syrupy water would come back out through her beak. Poor baby! Now the other one is doing the same. The other chicks I bought (different breeds), are doing fine, running around like crazy eating and drinking. Any ideas about how to save this other one? Anyone seen this before?

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