Pulled out feathers and bleeding


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Mar 17, 2012
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I picked up 5 chicks on mothers day. I have 3 Cochins, 1 welsummer, and 1 buckeye. I believe they are about 5 weeks old. They are pretty much getting feathers all over now.

We had one episode where one chick was being picked on, but I moved them to larger brooding quarters and all has been great! I have been taking them outside to play in the garden during the day (it's been about 80). And they run around and practice with their wings.

The problem is today I was getting ready to move them over to the second garden so I could do some weeding and I noticed one of the white coins had a funny look to its beak. Well, closer inspection proved it was blood. Here I caught the three Cochins had pulled a bunch of feathers from the the top end of the tail of the welsummer and she was bleeding! I separated her for now but wondering what the next step. Should I wash up her rear? I have some gentle iodine, but it doesn't really say it is for chickens, I also have blue-kote. Just put that directly on it without cleaning it up? I don't think it is too serious, but I don't want her to get infected or sick from the stress of it all either. Any ideas?

Should I keep her separate till she is all the way healed? I am new to this whole chicken raising thing, and I am sure I may be over thinking it, I just don't want to screw up. She is the favorite of my daughters.

I have a photo of what they did, just trying to figure out how to post it.

Thanks in advance.


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Jan 12, 2012
Clean it off with a warm wash-cloth. Then put a dab startch/Kwik Stop on the wound, then you can try some Blu-Kote. Watch them, and if they are still attacking the Welsummer, just keep her separate-but still allow her to see her buddies in a other section of the brooder.
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