Pullet asks as if gasping for air

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    Aug 19, 2008
    I have a 23 week old EE that has been acting as if she is gasping for air for several weeks. She also makes a screeching type noise. I went out to gather eggs yesterday and while the rest of the flock were out in the run, she was inside just lying there like she was barely able to lift her head. I picked her up and looked her over. Underneath her beak it looked damp and inside her mouth I saw what looked to be whitish spots down her throat. I thought maybe gape, but I have no idea what I'm looking for. I went out again last evening and she was up and about, and the same this morning. I just checked again recently and she was inside lying down again.
    I'm not sure how well she is eating and drinking, but I have seen her eat and drink. I feed layer crumbles and put acv in the water.
    Any ideas?
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    Aug 8, 2008
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    For several weeks your bird has been struggling to breath? Now she is so weak she just lies there and can barely lift her head? Quit going and looking at her lying there and do something.
    1) cull her, she has been suffering for weeks.
    2) take her to a vet and get a diagnosis, and medications and directions that might help her.
    3) Do it yourself- bring her inside and set her up in a warm & quiet area, offer high calorie and nutritious food, and consider doing a broad spectrum deworming and start antibiotics, injectable not in food or water, as if she can't breath well, she probably is not eating/drinking well. Keep in mind almost all dewormers and antibiotics are off label.

    if you do cull her, consider sending her to the state lab, you will get a diagnosis, which may help you for the rest of your birds.

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