Pullet can't straighten head, can't walk properly, help?


9 Years
Aug 22, 2010
Illinois 20 chicken years
I have had some respiratory issues in my flock recently, sneezing, snotty beaks, etc. One of my young EE pullets, about three and half months old, this morning suddenly was acting really strange. Her head is sort of twisted sideways, she can't straighten it out and she can't walk straight, she staggers. When she is calm, she can keep it straight enough to eat a little bit, but can't hold it normally. She also has the sneezing snotty thing the others have been doing, and sort of foamy/bubbly stuff coming out of her eyes. One other weird thing is, her whole head even the top looks wet/goopy. I at first thought that something had bitten her head, but I don't see any injuries.
My birds are all free-range, and I have never had a problem with any respiratory issues since I starting letting them free-range.Until now anyway. :/ I have given this little girl a dose of tylan 200. Is there anything else I can/should do? Does this sound like an ear infection or complication from the respiratory thing that is going around? This pullet has always sort of been the runt in the flock, a little smaller and weaker than the rest.
I don't know, that doesn't seem to quite fit. I took pics of what she was doing with her head, I will post them when I get home from work this afternoon. Thanks for that link though, I have bookmarked that for future reference.

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