Pullet egg or just an unusual egg?

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Aug 10, 2019
Hi All,
We just found the strange egg in the photo below this morning. It has a hard and fully-formed shell, but it's tiny (dollar bill and normal egg for scale). The hens in our flock include a leghorn, a silkie, two asian blacks, and a golden comet. Our chicks are a one-month old half leghorn/half silkie, a three-week old half asian black/half silkie, and a three-week old half golden comet/half silkie.

We're pretty new to this, but our chicks are too young the be laying, right? We've been getting about 2 eggs a day lately. The leghorn and the silkie stopped laying when they got broody and still aren't laying because they're raising chicks. I think one of the remaining 3 hens stopped laying, too. Is it common to get little eggs like this when a hen starts laying again, or is this a pullet egg? I don't think our oldest chick is going to lay brown eggs (if it's even a pullet, which we don't know).

Any opinions? Thanks in advance for your input!


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