Pullet hasn't layed for over two months.

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    I bought three 2-day old Saipan Jungle Fowl chicks back in May. Two turned out to be pullets and the third a rooster. When we left on vacation around Thanksgiving we came back to a coop full of eggs. Both pullets laid consistently (2 eggs a day) for about a month and a half-until early January. Now only the other pullet lays. I know the pullet that I'm talking about has laid before, as I've seen her do it. The winters here aren't that bad, the coldest it has gotten so far at night has been around 11, yet we have heat lamps in the coop and it usually stays around 30-40. They have 24-7 access to layer crumbles and clean water, nest boxes, and a big run attached to the coop that they hang out in until we let them out to free range. (We do this everyday from about 4pm-9pm.) And no-she doesn't lay them outside, we've looked.

    Okay, so I have a theory, but it kind of doesn't make any sense: we kept the Saipan rooster for as long as we could, until our neighbors finally complained about his crowing at 3 in the morning. He only mated with one pullet-the one who is laying right now. The not-laying pullet hated him, and avoided him as much as possible. But when we got rid of him in January she stopped laying about a week afterwords. Does this have any correlation whatsoever? It just doesn't make sense though, because she hardly had any ties to him...

    Regardless if she lays or not, we are keeping her. She's leader of the coop and keeps the others in line, something my Silkie roo can't do. She is also my favorite and she's so sweet, so I couldn't bare to get rid of her just because she's not laying. I just wanted to get to the bottom of this mystery. [​IMG]

    Sorry guys-it's so long. [​IMG]
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    A partial moult is caused by lack of vitamin D (sunshine). All chickens handle it different. Our Easter Eggers usually lose their feathers on their backs but continue laying. This year 1 hen quit for a week. The other possibility is parasites: dust and worm. Edit: Since you already have a light with them change the bulb to a grow light( blue looking) at night. Too long of exposure can cause sunburn.
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