Pullet in nesting box all day?


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Mar 7, 2009
where chickens dare to tread..

I have a 6 month old girl who has been sitting in the nesting box all day (since 7 am). She may have left and gone back, I don't know... but I've been out there 4-5 times today and she's been in there each time. The other girls laid their eggs elsewhere, since I only have one box.

The one time I approached her she got distressed, though that's normal for her when laying. But it's worrying me that she's been in there that long. What could be wrong and what should I do?

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Oh boy... I didn't even think of that. Um... so do I need to do anything for her or worry about her? How long does it last? I don't have a roo, not sure if that makes a difference.

Sorry for the newbie questions.
Yup, that's exactly what she's doing. I'm afraid to check her vent -- she's scary! (But I will, just in case.)

Ok, I'll borrow my friend's cage. How long does it take to break them of it? Do all hens become broody, even if you don't have a roo?
Not all hens go broody. It has been bred out of a lot of breeds because they don't lay when they're setting eggs.

UGH! If you were closer, I'd rent her butt for my eggs! I really need a broody; the eggs keep breaking when I sit on them...
Well, I took her out of the box to check her vent. It looks fine... I'm assuming something would catch my attention if it wasn't.

I moved her into the middle of the coop (we have a small playhouse) but she immediately assumed her laying position, all puffed up in indignation at me. I also removed the egg she was sitting on.

Wow, I feel really guilty, like I took away her baby.
Poor Rosie! But I'm assuming she'll just keep trying until I cage her, correct?

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