Pullet issues - not sure if related.


Aug 7, 2016
Pullets are Plymouth barred, 2 RIR, 1 Ameraucana. They started laying brown eggs July 4 and we got 1 blue egg a month later (none since that first egg). We got up to 4 a day, occasionally 3 but usually 4 eggs. Then Virginia the barred went broody for a couple weeks and quit laying. She's no longer broody but hasn't resumed laying. The other girls mostly quit using the boxes, laying on the coop floor and out in the open in the dirt. Had 1 egg yesterday and 0 today. The other barred (Vita) started acting odd. Not exactly lethargic but quiet. Keeps her R eye closed. Doesn't come running to get treats or get petted. Removed her (she's now living in my shower) and I can't tell if she's really eating or drinking. I can feed her by hand wet food, and I can give her water w a syringe. Also giving her now a supplement/vitamin. Flushed eye w saline and applied a bit of Terramycin just in case. Vita has no other symptoms. No discharge, no foul smell, no swelling or crusty stuff or lesions. Do they get down or quit laying w too much rain? Is Vita being so quiet necessarily related to the egg cessation? What should I do? Or is this all normal for young birds?

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