Pullet keeps escaping!

Jul 17, 2019
Holland, MI
My Easter Egger, Leopard, keeps escaping! Every time I go to see the chickens, she and a few others, are out. Usually, my pullets just follow me back into the pen, but she runs wild! I can never catch her! Any tips on keeping her in as well as catching her?
(She’s the black one in the middle)
Here are my tips:

-Focus on one at a time.
-If you push them against a fence, and put your arm straight out to your side, they will run the opposite way.
-Try to run them into a corner. You can grab their tail feathers as long as you grab near the base of the tail. They will flap and squawk and try to escape but hold them until they calm down, then you can grab them securely by pinning their wings to their body with your hands.
-You can have somebody hold the gate open and try to chase them back into their pen.

You could watch them for a while unseen to see how the are getting out, and then prevent them from doing it again. If they are flying, you can clip one wing, as long as you don't plan on entering them in a fair or doing some kind of quality competition.
@Cindy in PA deer netting? What is that?

@imnukensc defiantly going to do that... I’m going to have to if I want her to live... Oof.
It's 7 foot plastic fence netting. There are other kinds & any will do, but deer netting is flexible & light & I fasten it to the fence with zip ties. It usually comes in 100 foot rolls, but you can find it in smaller quantities. You can also use garden netting, but that is usually 4 foot wide & you have more edges to tie together. Just google deer fence or netting.

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