Pullet or cockerel? Breed?


May 27, 2020
Hello everyone!

I need some help identifying one of our chickens. First, I want to give some details. The chicken in the picture below is about 14 weeks old. It was labeled a Buff Rock. Generally, it has been pretty quiet, not aggressive, you can pick it up, and will sit frequently and for long periods of time, almost like sitting on a nest.


Here’s a picture from about a week prior.


In the last few days, it’s been making a fair amount of noise. Not the “obvious” crowing, more like a loud morning dove. But, it is in the morning and loud enough to hear in the part of the house nearest to the coop. The feathers don’t seem to suggest cockerel to me (no sickle or saddle feathers as far as I can tell), but I know that we might a little young still for that to be definitive.

So, what are everyone’s thoughts? Pullet or cockerel? Is the noise part of being the dominant chicken or wanting out to wonder?

Thanks, OneHappyRooster and keesmom. We were definitely thinking Buff Orpington too.

Assuming it is a cockerel, is it normal for a cockerel to sit pretty much all day? That’s the thing that has us puzzled. That seems like the kind of thing a pullet would do and our other pullets are doing exactly that. They wonder and peck, but they will sit in the coop (and shade) throughout most of the day.

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