Pullet or cockerel


May 14, 2015

Ok, so I'm pretty sure this is a cockerel, but after comparing he/she to another that I know is a cockerel I've become less certain. It's about 12 weeks. TYIA
Definitely a cockerel - the patterning that can be seen on the body plus the developed/brightly colored comb and wattles all = cockerel.
I was fairly certain, but my other little SLW roo of the same age looks much different- bigger comb (single instead of rose) and bigger wattles. And I've read about the patterning, but again the two SLW that I have look very different so I wasn't sure which would be the correct roo pattern. Also, this little guy isn't nearly as proud and tall standing as his brother. Thanks though, everyone for all of the help!

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