Pullet or Roo?


11 Years
Aug 26, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky
I have 4 pullets, 2 roos, and this chick:



The chick is a Brahma/Easter Egger cross. I think it's about 3 months old, I forgot when I hatched them!

Reasons it could be a roo:

-Head/neck feathers are darkening and glossy.
-Tail feathers are droopy rather than straight like a pullet tail.
-Haven't noticed that it has thick legs or any pointy saddle feathers.

Reasons it could be a pullet:

-Half Easter Egger, sometimes my EE pullets have droopy tails like that as chicks.
-Comb isn't especially red or large, doesn't look nearly as red as the other 2 roos in the bunch.
-Tail feathers aren't green tinted like the black tail feathers on the other two roos.

What do you think?? At this point I guess I'm just waiting for it to crow or lay an egg!

For comparison, this is one of the roosters of the same mix and same age:


And this is a pullet of the same mix and age:

I say it's pullet, I have a couple EE pullets that look just like her.

I wouldn't have even known she was a cross if I hadn't saw the face of that roo and the feathers on the feet of the other pullet. She lools like a pure EE. lol
My first thought is pullet, but those saddle feathers look awfully suspicious. They look a bit pointed like roo saddle feathers, but it could just be the angle of her pose.
I'm really hoping for pullet! I was just out there staring at it intently and I kept thinking, "Yeah it looks like a pullet!" Then it would turn another way and I'd think, "Well maybe not."

I am only leaning towards pullet because the other two roosters are all boy, there's no doubt that they are roos now. I'm not sure this mystery chick could be *that* slow developing, could it?
I have 2 5 mo old EE roos- I thought they were pullets until just recently- they developed red, pointy saddle feathers.

They were sold to me as pullets.

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