Pullet or Something Else...


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May 26, 2012
Well, I think I know what my chicken is, although I'd love to be told I'm wrong... 5 and a half week old Ameracauna.

Thanks for any help, I have other photos if these aren't enough. =)
Wait, Leghorn? She came out of the Americauna brooder... Was that a mistake?
Situation has changed, someone (and I didn't catch who it was in time, but I'm sure it'll happen again) tried to crow twice today as the sun was going down. Here's the two likely suspects with better photos.


And Riddle:

I've got a bad feeling they're both roos. -_-
They both look like EEs to me and the white one could be a roo with that big of a comb. It's so hard to tell for sure on the white ones because they are all white. That other one is definitely a pullet though...boys have a more patchy feather pattern than that and usually have red on the wings. That white one is definitely NOT a leghorn...look at that pea comb and the green legs!
Okay, thanks. The white one, George, has a big comb, the others haven't turned colors except for his, and it's three rows, so I was thinking it was him. I'm SO GLAD you're sure Riddle is a pullet though, one roo I could handle, two would've been difficult to find homes for. George is acting like a roo, too, he's jumping on the others, I was just worried because Roddle is so feathered out, I was... Concerned.
I would agree the white bird is an EE cockerel. I have two that look just like him. Riddle is definitely a pullet though.

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