Pullet Question


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Lincoln, Nebraska
At what point should I start worrying about a 23 week old pullet that laid one egg last Thursday and hasn't laid one since then? She laid an egg last Friday August 26 none since then. It is now August 31.
She may just be having some irregularity because she's just starting her laying. We had 4 lovely Delaware pullets, and two of them hit the ground running when it came to laying eggs -consistent in size, condition, and delivery - they laid like real champs. The other two dragged their feet, laid a few soft-shelled eggs & nothing more. They were totally rubbish, even stopped laying the soft-shelled ones for like 3 weeks. After that, they cranked up again, laying great just like their sisters & they are still going strong. Sometimes, ovulation (whether chicken or human) is a tricky think in the beginning, and there can be fits and starts. This sounds like what your pullet's going through. Just keep an eye on her for another 3 - 4 weeks, since it may be that her body just needs to catch up.

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