Pullet rolling toes under help?!

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    Aug 24, 2012
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    My Barred Rock pullet, Squints, is 6 months old or so, and she has been eating well in the morning. Today she loved her oatmeal and ground meat mix. Anyway, tonight we went out there and she was eating her food and her poop looked normal, but when she was walking around her toes rolled under her feet. We had one do this before, but we lost her. I need to ask. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Is it a vitamin deficiency? She eats plenty of Layeena, but I know that isn't always balanced. Can anyone give me any hints?
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    It could be a Vit b2 ( riboflavin ) deficiency, I would start by treating for that. In some countries you can get water soluable multi vit mixes so it depends on your place of living. In NZ you cant but I buy human tablets of multi B vitamins and crush them up to a fine powder and either put it in their water and mix or I add it to some meat ( eg dog roll) and kneed it in and then give it to them, it works quite well
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    I wonder if you can tape them on something to keep them flat.

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