Pullet Standing Tall, Wings Spread. Possibly Egg Bound?


May 30, 2020
Hi everyone, my girlfriend has a 6-7 month old Cornish bantam pullet. Yesterday she started acting weird, first I noticed she wasn't moving around much. So picked her up and sat her on the ground. She was wobbly and shaky. She spreads her wings out touching the ground, while refusing to move. When you try to coax her to move she only stands taller and wobbles.

She hasnt been eating very much. Her vent is soiled and she has runny poop. There aren't any other birds showing signs.

She has been quarantined and given vitamins.

She hasn't started laying yet. Could she possibly be egg bound?
Could she be dehydrated? I would get her drinking fluids, and electrolytes with vitamins would be good. I hope others will chime in since I don’t know much about Cornish bantams. I believe cornish are meat birds who are meant to be butchered at a young age. Chickens in general can suffer from Mareks disease in the first year of age. Symptoms can sometimes include drooping wings, lameness in one or both legs, or other symptoms. Was she vaccinated for Mareks? I would think not, since she is a cornish.

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