Pullet Struggling With First Egg


Mar 21, 2021
Indianapolis, IN
I have a BCM who has been outside laugh-squawking nonstop for hours - like five - in the coop. She’s in a nest box then out, then in a different one, and so on, all the time screaming her head off.

I have 14 girls - half 1year, half coming up on 24 weeks. Some of her flock mates have laid their first eggs and all of my girls who are laying had the typical first pullet egg with more screaming than normal. But that lasted for an hour tops, the egg came out and back to normal. She’s been at it all day.

They're on 1/2 layer 1/2 all flock, free choice egg shells and oyster shells. Plenty of nest boxes, she acts normal otherwise.

Should I pop her a calcium pill just in case, or wait a little longer, or something else (like feel for an egg)?
Good for her, joining the bandwagon! How dark was it?
Not super dark but it has pretty speckles - we had an OE lay her first yesterday too (much less dramatic)! All of my girls are from Meyer so nothing fancy. 😬


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