pullet with full crop of water


out of the house and into the grow out coop
Mar 1, 2020
I was out of town for 6 days with chickens in husbands care. he knows the difference between a chicken and a cow but he isn't a chicken whisperer. He wouldn't have noticed if something appeared wrong while I was gone. Yesterday I noticed my ayam cemani pullet looking not quite right but she was alert and active with the others her age. i heard one of them sneeze and picked them all up for a closer look. she has a semi full crop of what felt like water. I bent over to pick something i dropped up with her in my arms and she vomited a fair amount of clear water. after that she seemed to breath heavy and seemed lethargic. I figured she had aspirated and put her inside with a warming mat for the night without food or water. this morning her crop seemed smaller but not completely flat and she wasn't labored in her breathing. I had to leave for the day and offered her a bowl of fresh water. I got back earlier then expected and her crop is very full. I picked her up to change the paper in her cage and she again vomited clear water. I put her back in the cage and I am uncertain what to do next. I'm not sure how long it has been going on so I was afraid to let her go longer then 12 hours without water. the water she expelled did not seem to have an odor so not sure if it is sour crop and there doesn't seem to be anything else in it other then water like fluid when I feel the crop. she looks uncomfortable with the huge water filled crop. Any suggestions on what to do at this point would be greatly appreciated. Yesterday after she vomited her tongue looked yellowish. no growths or bumps just a yellow hue to the entire tongue. I am afraid to touch her to see if it is still an issue fearing she will aspirate with any type of handling with that big crop. thank you in advance for any ideas you can share with me
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