Pullet with liquid retention


8 Years
Jun 15, 2011
Elizabeth, CO
On Thursday my dog decided to help me collect the chickens and he grab one of my 6 week old pullets, and gave her a bit of a shake.
I check for bleeding spots but did not see any, she keep on eating and everything.
Today when I went to feed them she was walking a bit slow and look really fat in one side so I pick her up and check and there is a big liquid ballon coming all the way from the chest to the drumstick in one side, the liquid is clear and only between the skin I if I move the liquid mass to one side then the skin goes tight against the meat again.
Should I pop the ballon and drain that clear liquid? and put some antiseptic in the hole I will make.
Give her a dose of antyinflammatory. Witch one will be recommended?
Please your advise will be appreciated.

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