pullets of same batch laying?

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    Jun 1, 2008
    I hatched some chicks in May. I got one egg today, does that mean the other 3 will lay soon? They all hatched around the same time, same parents etc. The cockeral just started mating the one pullet today and I found the egg, she is the oldest by a couple of days. I just wanted to know if I should expect the others to follow suit soon?
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    I'd say probably, but not definitely.
    I have 16 hatchery hens, all hatched the same day, all the same breed. They'll be seven months old tomorrow. At the most, I get twelve eggs a day. Some days a few of them take the day off. That means four of them are still not laying and don't show signs that they are ready to.
    Chickens are as individual as humans. Some were just meant by nature to be late bloomers.
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