Pullet's Press (my flock)

Pullet Press

Aug 7, 2020
It's about time that I got my flock out here, so here goes noth—everything.

I have 17 lovely chickens (all hens, no roosters—yet) and 2 spaztic ducks. Seriously, they are crazy, 😂.

Yeah, I have writers' block. I'll get around to filling in this paragraph soon...

I'll try to get the chicken profiles out soon... Hopefully.
Does anyone have any tips on photographing chickens that like to move all. the. time?
Yes, her name's really Chicken.
She's a Barred Rock and one of the first chooks I've ever owned. She's pretty vocal and loves to be held—typically. She's always had a little limp, but that hasn't ever stopped her. If a smaller chicken gets in her way, she'll show it who's boss.
Once again, another Barred Rock and a first flock member. She is the fattest (no, seriously, she's all flab) hen of the flock. She's a sweet girl, but she will tell you (with her high-pitched squawk) that she doesn't want to be held.
(Not one of the first chickens I've owned) Is a Rhode Island Red. This little sweetheart was one of the first (of her sisters) to start to lay. Now that she and her sisters cant' fly the coop, she waits at the gate for me to let her out, which is a privilage given to her alone.
One of the original flock members, Granite is a good girl, only recently been given her name due to sibling chicken-naming mixups. She lays during a molt (I love her for that), and loves to make the egg song for hens in the nesting boxes.
Mrs. Cut Cut
No, Mrs. Cut Cut is not a serial killer, but she does like to talk. She's the only one in the flock to ever get a bath. She (like I said) is very vocal, walking up to you in the run, clucking the entire time as she examines you (even though you've been in the run a million times.)

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