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    I have this big goofy cochin pullet, she's about 5 months old. Well she disapeared and I thought that something had gotten her. Yesterday I was looking under the coop and lo and behold there she was. I guess she was trying to avoid the roos who have been after her non stop. She was a bit on the thin side and very thirsty.

    I put in with the 12 week old cochins and she seems to be fine now. I guess I need to pair her up with one of the roos?
  2. dave_Cash69

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    Feb 15, 2009
    poor little girl.
  3. gritsar

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    Do you have too many roos for the number of hens?
    I'd leave her with the 12 week olds until she gets a little more mature. Then if you have a good roo to hen ratio she should be fine. My girls have learned to come into the fenced yard when they want a break from my roo. He's too big to squeeze thru the opening that the girls can. I only have one roo to 14 hens, so the girls aren't getting worn out.
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    My rule is usually no more than 1 roo per 5 hens. And no more than 10 hens per 1 roo. Normally my ratio is 1/5.
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    They may also be starving her out so it's best to put her with the 12 week olds for awhile. Extra feeders and waterers will also help. I would not place her with 1 rooster either.

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