Pumkin seed worming question

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    I've been reading on here the advantages of feeding pumkin seeds to your chickens for de-worming. My question is how much per standard bird and how often? I can't find that answer anywhere and until Jack-o-lantern season is upon us, they are quite pricey. The GF just bought two pounds yesterday for $16.
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    Mar 4, 2011
    I dont know, but I tried to feed mine some whole, and they left it..But, they are very picky too..dont know why..weird birds..I've heard ground up is good..going to try that next
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    Nov 23, 2010
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    I give the spent pumpkins in fall/winter and they might provide an inhospitable environment wo worms when eaten but I wouldn't rely on them for a real worming solution if your birds are infected.

    Things like pumpkin seed, DE, etc. are good preventive measures for lots of things but we have to know if there is an infestation and treat that accordingly.
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    Quote:To the best of my knowledge, I don't have an infestation, nor do I want one. I was hoping to feed pumpkin seeds as a preventative. Just don't know how much and how often.
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    I would say whenever you feel like it, really. Worms in chickens, at least to my knowledge, isn't incredibly common. So, whenever you feel you want to get some, go ahead. I myself grow my own, so thankfully price and season isn't a matter.

    If you're having issues with them eating the seeds, cut the seeds into smaller bits. It takes cutting each individual seed though, since they're kinda slippery.

    The amount? I'd say about 2-5 seeds per bird in a day would do well. Only so much can fit in their crop. [​IMG]
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    My girls love pumpkin> I bake it in thr oven before I feed it. I bake it whole then cut it in half to feed it. I feed about one whole pumpkin a week. In the winter when it is cold they love their warm pumpkin.
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    Quote:I think I'd be putting them in the food processor for a couple of pulses. Although these are the smallest pumpkin seeds I've ever seen. She bought them at a health food store.
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    Oct 19, 2009
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    Are they already shelled? It is best to get them fresh, and not shelled or roasted. They shouldn't be too tiny/immature not to grow, too. If you can grow it, it's fine.
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    Pumpkin seeds contain a chemical that paralyzes worms and allows them to detach from the intestinal lining and be flushed out with the feces. They are a great preventative and treatment and can be fed straight from the pumpkin. I find chickens prefer the pumpkins to be frozen and then thawed or fermented before attacking them with any great zeal....I've had them eat the pumpkins raw and fresh but that is usually after all the good forage is gone for the year.

    If anyone has a "worm infestation" they might wish to pursue preventative measures such as this before letting their birds get to that state of affairs.

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