Puncture wound in croup - HELP.

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    Sep 20, 2008
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    We just got some chicks on Saturday and they escaped their pen and my hens ate one, and punctured the other one's neck close enough to the croup that sometimes when it eats big bits of grower or drinks water it comes out of its wound. I have been coating it with neosporin, and it seems more alert every day. It is still a little wobbly and and can't walk 100% straight, but it has survived so far until today. This happened on Saturday.

    My ? is this, will the wound heal by itself? Do croups self heal? I ended up giving it to a lady this morning that rehabs birds, but does it even have a fighting chance? What can she do to save it. It is about 4 days old by the way.

    Thanks so much.

    I feel so horrible that this happened.
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    I try to keep skin glue around for these type of injurys( chickens are always getting into something). I'm sure the rehaber will do their best, and if the crop is sutured or the edges of the skin are glued, it has a good chance. [​IMG]

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