Puppy training pads to help with shrink wrapped eggs.


10 Years
Jan 11, 2010
I miscalculated the due date of some of my duck eggs - and only checked the calander too late- So I have eggs due that were not put into lockdown when they should have been. After 24 hours in lockdown I hadnt seen a lot of action- and as they are due tomorrow- I would have expected to see a beak in an air cell or a pip at least. I drilled a small hole into an egg so I could check the membrane- and sure enough- it was white and tough looking. I bought some puppy training pads a while ago- but havent used them all in the brooder- so thought I would try using them- wet over the eggs- rather than a face washer like I have in the past- They work brilliantly!!!!

I cut them into smaller pieces - wet them with warm water and drapped them over the eggs- they stay warmer than the face washer too- allowing the eggs to be at the correct temperature. I found them to be a little cool when using a face washer...Well after just 3 hours of the eggs wearing the puppy training pads- I have pips!!

Although I used them on duck eggs I thought I would post this here to- as it could be just as useful with other kinds of eggs too. They soak up so much water and have really helped to get my little guys moving again.
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