Purchasing chickens that had coccydiosis


Nov 18, 2020
Hi, I wasn’t exactly sure where to post this, but seeing as my question is disease related I figured this was a good spot.

I’m looking to get a quad of 1.5yo breeding salmon favorelles (a bit of a rare breed near me and these chickens came from good breeding stock) after I placed my down payment she informs me her flock had and was treated for coccidyosis about a month ago. I’m not very familiar with the treatment etc for this but I understand it can be effectively managed. She also mentioned that 1 of the 3 hens was not looking well lately and she would rather not sell her right now.

I have a mix breed flock of backyard layers that are currently healthy and in 4 years I have never had any major illnesses. I’m concerned about bringing 3 formerly sick chickens into my flock. Can these birds still be shedding parasites a month after treatment? How long should I quarentine them before adding to my flock? If one is not doing well could the others likely to get sick too? Should I just abandon this purchase altogether?

Thanks in advance for your opinions And advice!
Make sure you quarantine these new birds as far from your flock as possible and for as long as possible.
If you really want the birds and your current flock isn't extremely valuable, it is probably ok to go on with it depending on what is ailing the new hen.
Normal quarantine is 40 days and at least a couple hundred feet from your flock.
Handle your birds first each day before the new birds. Wash up after dealing with the new birds.
The coccidiosis isn't a big problem. The ill hen is of much greater concern.
They don't shed parasites in the way that other diseases shed.
Coccidosis comes from the protozoa coccidia. It is in the soil everywhere. Once recovered, they are normally resistant - to the species that affected them. However, there are a number of species that affect chickens. When coming to a new property, they may encounter a new species and be negatively affected again.

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